IPMA REG Training Programmes

The training programme includes material lasting 61+ contact hours that can be applied for IPMA registration by the training provider – private or public company or a freelancer. It can be a general programme in the field of project management and related fields or a preparatory programme for certification according to the IPMA 4-L-C or Agile system.

Country Name of the registered content Name of the provider Link
Croatia Project Management Academy – Project Management and Preparation for IPMA Certification Trainings Primakon d.o.o. View website

Project Management Qualification Training Programme

Egypt for Management and Engineering Development (EMEND)

View website
Finland Project Excellence Education Program Verona Consulting Oy View website
Denmark AROS projectledelsesuddannelse Aros Business Academy View website
Denmark The Project Manager – IPMA Registered IBC International Business College View website
Denmark Implements Project Management Programme Implement Learning Institute View website
Denmark Mannaz Project Management Programme Mannaz View website
Denmark Project Management Education Peak Consulting Group View website
Serbia Training programme “Project Management” LINK group – Business Academy View website
Sweden Projektledarprogram.mot-ipma-certifiering Astrakan View website
Sweden Projektledning Ledarskap & Projekthantering View website